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Re: Please pray for me

God is everywhere. He is with everyone, He isnt limited as you and I are to one place at one time.
He is very interested and concerned in every detail of our lives. I see you have a nice new church, thats a step forward on its own. Sometimes healing is gradual, mine was, and yours seems that way as well. Its good that you are geting so much support, have you had that holiday to Malta yet?

I do wonder if the fact that you are still in limbo with your marriage may not be helping, if you sit down and talk to her about the future and any plans she has, surely that would help?To know where you are would surely help you move forward. Is all her stuff still in your house?Are you going to let her have some of it?

Well you may be in an northern town, but we are now in the midlands since May when we moved here from the south. Houses between 40-50% cheaper here than where we were. No regrets at all, its a nice place we are in, and its sometimes a very positive thing to move somewhere new.
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