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Arrow Betrayed with 2 of them, but forgiveness?

Sorry, I am still new at this, this is my first post.

Anyway, I found this story about a breakup, and found this gentleman's ability to find forgiveness remarkable. Here is a portion of the story:

I forgive my wife for running away with a man she was having an affair with, and leaving me with our 2 kids.
One day I came home from work and noticed that kids weren’t home. I found this very odd, so I looked around the house and noticed that in the master bedroom, 75% of the closet was missing. On the dresser, there was a note in handwriting saying “Goodbye. –Rose”. Rose is the name of my wife.
I immediately got into my car and went to my children’s school because they have probably been waiting outside all alone for my wife to pick them up. When I arrived at the school, they were playing at the schoolyard with my daughter’s friend Molly, and under the supervision of her parents. Her parents approached me and told me that my wife never came so she decided to let the kids play in the playground until my wife showed up. I thanked her very much for watching my kids, bought all the children ice cream and went home.

After I made dinner for the kids and got them to do their homework I h


I cant imagine how hard it is for him. How do you feel about this?
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