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Re: Am i sinning and how do i stop?

Dear GELM,

You and I have kinship in dealing with a problem that is much more prevalent in our world than most know. If anger is part of your day on a regular basis, than being a victim can become a habit that is hard to break. I choose to find positive ways to keep myself happy and productive and part of that expression is through creative artworks in the things I do.

You may need to speak to a counselor on a regular basis to as not to bottle up emotions. You need to decide how you will handle life, if there are no changes, and the best that can happen is what already exists. I love my husband with passion and unconditionally. That is a right decision for me. He is a kind, generous man who does a lot for me in every way he can. It is no understatement to say I think God approves of my respect for my husband and blesses me in this marriage.
What you tell yourself on daily basis will be fact. If you tell yourself you are unhappy and depressed, for sure you will be miserable.

Your love story is never finished until you choose to end it.
BTW..I would never expose my husband to the humiliation to be "talked at" over this problem by members of a church!
I believe this problem has emotional, mental and spiritual components. A person who shuts down emotionally may not understand the reasons this has occurred.

I see this as a condition that comes from deep psychological wounds or problems. Private counseling by a licensed doctor of Psychiatry is no sure cure for such trauma that can cause a person to "shut down" and "shut off" from others! If porn use is involved with your husband as with some men, that interest is as addictive as any drug injected or imbibed. That can take hold of the mind and spirit.
If life is better for you alone, than divorce is an option, but it sounds as if you have too much invested there to consider that.
Work on making yourself industrious and happy.

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