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Re: Am i sinning and how do i stop?


I hadn't realised a whole month has gone by but I have read your reply 1aokgal a few times and I was feeling lonelier today and read it again. they are wonderful words of wisdom and comfort. but not gushing comfort - I mean they are practical and real that give me practical ways to deal with this. the anger feels like its going to bubble up and it does come out but its more short lived now as I know it doesn't change anything. my anger was a way of saying to him "look what you have done to me, look how hurt I am, how could you do this, why did you do this" but that doesn't change anything. I'm tired of it going round and round in my head. its time to move on - its like being angry at a loss/ a death, you openly grieve, you adjust to your "new different life" as its time to move (but you don't forget the loss).

Your words acknowledge the pain but give me ways to cope. I have copied and saved your last reply so I can't lose it. I will come back to it when I feel I need to.

Thank you
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