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Re: Am i sinning and how do i stop?

1okgal is right GLM. Many of these types of problems have been created by a diversion of the sexual drive to pornography or masturbation with fantasy.

I hope it is not that and the fact you are practicing christians would make this less likely but it is wise to check this out.

What really sticks in my gut is when he says it is your problem. That is an absolutely awful thing to say. It is his problem as part of marriage is meeting each others need of intimacy. We are sexual creatures. God made us that way and marriage is the legitimate outlet for that.

Even just a glance at 1 Cor 7 will point out that the husband does not have power over his own body but the wife does and vice versa. It goes on to say don't defraud one another in this unless it is by mutual consent for a time. Why he doesn't see this I can't imagine. Perhaps he needs pastoral help and counsel in this?

The most hope you have I think is praying for him that he will grow in Christ and understand as his behaviour is most unchristian. In the meantime I can't judge you. I'd be much much worse than you in your situation. There is something desperately wrong which he seems blind to and even deceived. We know that sex is wrong outside of marriage but within it is a truly wonderful thing and a central part of the intimate side of marriage.

You could check the porn mb thing so that we are not going in the wrong direction but on the face of it it seems the enemy has got in to that area of your marriage because of his attitude.
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