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Re: How Can I Forgive and Trust My Husband Again?

Dear Lady...

You are given a heavy burden, after 20 years married, to find out your husband has been unfaithful. What a shocking thing to hear from a stranger. That woman hopes to gain by telling you the news. I suspect she is definitely the OW and she hopes you will kick your husband to the curb and then maybe she gets him. Maybe that is her revenge on your husband because he came back to his wife. You have a lot of years invested in your marriage. You were separated for a time and that placed opportunity or that might never have taken place.

You are right to question why this happened. You should be concerned he risked your health and get an HIV test. A marriage can survive an affair but it takes time to rebuild trust. I would want to get the answer to why this happened. I can't believe he said he no longer loves you! I think to some men love is more sex. If he has asked you to give him another chance, I would consider to rebuild your relationship. Get some marital counseling or start getting out together as a couple.

See if there is real emotion coming from him, so you see he realizes how much you are hurt. Don't stay for your son, stay because you can see a genuine chance to begin again. Don't seek out the OW because she will tell you things that will only make you feel worse. He is with you, not her. She lost him and he wants to try again with his marriage. I wouldn't throw 20 years down the drain for a fling I bet he regrets today. Take it one day at a time.

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