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Re: Pray for Me Please

Originally Posted by Unloved View Post
Thank you again Chosen.

I attended Divorce Care at church but everyone in the group seemed so far ahead of me, I didn't feel comfortable. They were already discussing dating. I have two very good friends and see my counselor. She tells me to take one day at a time.

But I still feel lost and alone. I've had a very bad week end. I am afraid I will get physically ill soon.

Thanks again.
When I went to the drw near me, I was a year into the separation and I also felt rather behind most of the others. I was still numb with shock and wasn't interested in any socialising which some of them were, but I still found it helpful none the less.
It does vary, because it was 4 years before I felt ready to think of meeting anyone else, yet I met my husband very soon after his marriage broke up and he was ready then. I think it does depend on the circumstances and whether the ending was sudden or slow, how long the marriage was, if there are children, what caused the ending and all sorts of other things.
Men do tend to jump into another relationship very quickly whether they are divorce or bereaved. I know three men whose wives died, who married another woman the following year!!! I could never dream of getting involved so soon if my husband died(if I ever did which I doubt).

I know you feel lonely. It is lonely loosing a spouse no matter through divorce or death.
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