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Re: Pray for Me Please

I can understand that totally. After my first marriage ended very suddenly after 23 years, I was devastated. All of the hopes and dreams that I had for our future were washed away in an instant. Suddenly I felt in a thick fog, and I couldnt see anything in my future at all. I HAD no future as far as I was concerned. Like you I just existed day to day, with little money, doing my best to be a good mum to my three hurting children.

It does take time, lots of time. There is life after divorce, there really is, but it wont get better immediately.
Do you have friends and a good church? Do you get to women's groups? Fellowship groups?

IF you look on this website you can see if they have any divorce recovery classes in your area. They are very useful, and will enable you to meet other people going through similar things.
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