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Unhappy How Can I Forgive and Trust My Husband Again?

I received a mystery phone call from a woman, she said my husband was seeing a married woman and asked me to tell my husband to stop seeing that woman , she also said their relationship had been going on for almost 3 years and the woman had many boy-friends. It was really shocking. I confronted my husband, he denied it first then I told him I had a witness, he then admitted it.
My husband is an expat and we are currently living abroad, he arrived abroad a year before me because I was waiting for my son to finish his education in our country before joining him abroad. While he was abroad, we met every 6 weeks, either I went to visit him or he went home. We have been married for almost 20 years. He admitted he initiated his relationship with that woman just a month before I joined him abroad. He said he wanted sex with that woman and he doesnít love me anymore. That woman wanted him to leave me and fight against me for child custody in the court. Iíve never cheated on my husband although I had a few offers after marriage, Iím slim and not ugly, I donít think I can imagine sleeping with other men before marriage. Iím from a religious family.
My husband wanted me to give him another chance, I want to forgive him and bring up my son with him but I donít think I can, Iíve been crying/sad every day in the past a few weeks. I donít understand the facts:
1. What have I done not to deserve to be loved.
2. Why he let the relationship going on for so long, almost 3 years. He knew that woman was married and had children.
3. Why he put me in risk for HIV.
4. I feel sad my husband didnít try to tell me and I heard it from someone else.
5. How can I trust him anymore.
I sometime think the woman who phoned me might be the woman my husband was seeing, she might be trying to break our relationship but Iím not sure. I found her on Facebook but Iíve not done anything to her. Any advice will be appreciated.
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