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Re: brink of seperation

having a hard time of it. been trying to keep up with him - and been giving him time to go out whenever he wants to. baby not sleeping at night and for example last night i was up all night with baby, asked him for help in the early morning and he started on me. i ended up taking the baby after an argument. then he says he was angry cos he was tired and took it out on me - and if i had any sense i should understand that when people are tired they get anoyed. im just so upset. how long do you stay in a marriage where fundamentally there is a lack of respect? in the way he speaks to me? sure there is always going to be times he's tired, stressed, etc. does that mean ive to always be spoken to like this and let my baby hear it as she grows up? i wish i knew the answers. he's now getting his 'rest'.
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