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Re: brink of seperation

how are you doing? hope you are enjoying the swimming do you swim outdoors or indoors? i live in the uk it has to be inside!
about the breastfeeding - i have never seen anyone else do it in the foyer and just would feel too self conscious. there are a lot of people in the foyer all the time. soon she will be able to go to the nursery at church and that will be easier.

we have had huge problems the last week or so. i am getting to the end of my tether! he doesn't ever want to be left with the 'responsibility' of the baby, he wants to just go and do 'his thing' whenever he wants, he does not want to support me in my health problems as they are 'destroying our relationship' because i can't do certain things and social activities like he can eg being out a lot. he says he is fed up with my health problems now, he thought i would have been better by now, and he does not have the time to put his life on hold for health problems. the whole conversation upset me so much i ended up walking out for an hour and in tears - when i came back he said nothing, he just is so insensitive and uncaring.

am i just supposed to live like this until things change? im breaking down constantly because of hurtful things said/done, he apologies and says he really does care and will change, then repeats the process. he never supports me in my hard times.

am i supposed to keep forgiving over and over, drain myself in everyway and put my daughter through this? i mean how long do you work at it for..... i just have so much doubt each time it comes to a head.

im reading 'loving against the odds' and its helping. im so tired from it all i cancel my plans and am sat in the house upset....and this happens on a regular basis. i just don't know what to do anymore.
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