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Re: brink of seperation

just to add..i think its hard as he expects much more from life in general than me at times. for example.... if we have some time, i will be happy to go a nice walk where we live. he will want to go driving somewhere else to walk for a change of scenery (even though we have a beautiful walk by our house and rarely walk there) Another example if he goes out with his friends he'll never just want to meet for dinner it will always be dinner, movies, take out... it has to be all or nothing. whereas i would be happy to just do one of these things. i think we have different expectations, and i know this is normal to want all these things but the reason i find it hard is that i can't keep up, and no matter what i do or what i give i feel its never enough. but i do feel part of the general discontentment is a bit to do with depression...he says he gets his energy from being out and about and around people whereas i get it from having downtime. this is true. anyway .. just musing here
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