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Re: brink of seperation

just checking in to say thank you both for responding... i have read carefully your posts and they have helped a lot! it helps to keep reminding myself that we both have faults and need to accept one another as we are - i need to start with this. Like your wife Raymond, i really struggle with things that my husband finds easy and no bother in life, and its hard because he just wants to get on and do things and sees my struggles as 'always obstacles in the way'. but we are getting through by learning to compromise on both parts! and understanding each other a bit better.
Affirmation is one thing that i can take action to do and think it will really help - im already seeing the benefit of this as ive been encouraging him in his studies and generally being more interested in them, and he is responding well.
MC im so glad you were able to figure out how to make a difference. you are right about trying to sleep in the house it would be so hard and i would go crazy trying - i have earplugs and all and still i can't! a bath or shower/pamper time is a much better idea and makes you feel nice and refreshed afterwards.
Acaciatree, hi don't worry about gatecrashing, I hope you are ok
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