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Re: Wedding Planner in Scotland?

Here are some tips for hiring a wedding coordinator:

Ask for references from other brides and grooms. Be sure to ask for references from weddings like yours in the budget. This is the best way to determine if a wedding planner is a good choice for you.
Ask your wedding planner to give you an overview of what he or she envisions for her wedding. A wedding planner will bring samples and prepared a written plan for the initial meeting.
Ask your wedding planner if your budget is realistic. Let him or her to say you have to make cuts or adjustments. A wedding planner to help find creative solutions to maximize your budget.
Ask your wedding planner or what are your terms of payment such as deposit and when your balance is due, and possible refund policy.
Ask the planner timeline for your big day. How long have to devote to food sampling, gathering or meeting invitations with suppliers? A good planner will give you a pretty good idea of ​​the amount of time required during the planning process.
Remember, your wedding day is the day out, day planner. Above all, make sure you are completely comfortable with the planner decides to hire. Even if you decide not to hire a planner, is a good idea to buy a guide to wedding planning. Many of them come in a folder format with the terms and tips for planning your wedding.

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