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Re: Married and lonely

Dear Sasha...

I am relieved to hear more of your mindset here. You sound pretty capable to get through what you need to do if the marriage is no longer working. Women often have to plan a goal to obtain job skills and training in preparation for a future of independence. I hope you give your marriage every chance to improve. It is difficult to begin again and no guarantee of a better life than you have today.

I spent a year in college classes in business skills and obtained a real estate license to work flexibie hours around my full time job. It was all planned around a marriage that was in flames. My daughter was young. I found fine child care with another mother who kept her like one of her own. It was a difficult time, but a transition to a better life. there was no way that marriage would have worked.

My daughter divorced her policeman husband. She made a good transition to buy a home, raises her daughter and has made a fine career. She is happy with her life plan and wouldn't put up with a man who had a double life. He had affairs and put her through a mess.

One day these years are dim memories and things will be better. I never regret my own decisions. Just take things one obstacle at a time.

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