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What should I do?

Hi, 8 months ago I found out my husband had a child with another woman albeit he was not aware of this. The child is now an adult and although they have met she has ignored all his texts and calls to meet again. This child was born 18 months after we got married. Whilst I suspect there have been other lovers my husband continually declares his love for me and is a bit of a broken man at the moment. He has broken down a few times and says he just feels numb. Whilst I am broken too and consider this to be the ultimate betrayal I do not want to leave although I continuously talk about it even although he just keeps saying sorry but won't tell me anything. It's our silver wedding anniversary next year and how can we possibly celebrate. Ironically I also worry about this girl, whose mother is dead. I also know that she has to be included in my husband's will albeit other than close friends nobody knows about her or exactly where she lives. Would God accept my decision to stay married to my husband. I am so confused.

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