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Re: Husband and lingerie catalogs

Originally Posted by 1aokgal View Post
If I were the wife who noticed my husband looked at a lingerie catalog, I would not jump to hasty conclusions. If a man is alive..he might look! Rather, I would go buy some lingerie and give him a close-up and personal look at how nice and feminine this nightwear looks on his wife. Maybe he considered to buy a pretty gift set for a birthday or special occasion for his wife?

If flannel nightgowns are your style, it is no wonder he might look at appealing and sensual nightwear! Pretty lingerie can bring added appeal to your bedroom life. Perhaps you ask him what style lingerie he would like to see on you.

Hopefully, this husband wasn't thinking how the lingerie sets might look on him (only kidding here.) I hear stories along that line sometimes!
Not all men will look at these, as its not helpful or respectful to his wife for a husband to do this. If he does, then I don't think that his wife wearing them will stop him doing so.
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