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Re: I am finding it difficult to forgive

I suspect he had this thing before he was married to you SKing and reverted to it whilst you were pregnant. He obviously has a problem here. I am sure you would be able to forgive if he was working to get free of it. It is hard to forgive an ongoing problem and forgiveness doesn't really help here until he is repentant about it. True repentance would mean confessing and getting help.

The nature of the fetish, or whatever one wants to call it, takes him outside of his marriage into a sexual area (for him) with other females which I would think is a type of mental or sexual adultery. Quite clearly it cannot be just his thing because of the intrinsic immoral nature of it. You need to continue to confront and pray about it as well. No way anyone can justify this kind of thing. A start to getting free would be to stop feeding it from the internet if indeed that is the case.
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