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Re: I am finding it difficult to forgive

Being harsh??? No, not when that kind of thing smacks you upside the head. You poor woman, how do you move forward when he has done this? I have no answer for you that would wash away what the truth is...and remove the pain and mistrust this has created. This is indeed a form of cheating...the filth he entered into with the women who sold their soiled undies is appauling...who knows what he is willing to do next?

Being pregnant does not "cause" a man to drift like that...many men are faithful during their wife's pregnancies and would never use that as a reason to sin this way. He admitted to being a sinful human...but what does that solve, he can use that as an excuse to do more when he gets the notion to. Maybe get this to a Christian counselor? I dont know...many of them just wink at a wife's pain when it comes to sexual sin now days.

The fact that you are both so young works both for you and against you. For you because you can move forward and rebuild your life without him if need be...against you because there is no simple way to insure that this sort of thing will not happen more stealth in the years to come...and wasting that time with such a man is not the optimal thing to have to do.

You are going to have to keep praying until you get direction from the Lord...meanwhile just be a kind wife until you know what to do next.

Kindest Regards
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