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Re: Should I say yes?

Personally I don't believe in dating for the sake of it. Having a view that maybe this could be the one is quite reasonable but these things cannot be rushed. You haven't said whether he has asked you out so you are not in a position of having to make a sudden decision. Why not get to know him as part of a group to start with until you are more sure of how you feel? Maybe courting (to see if you are right for each other) will follow on.

As for the class divide you have to rely on your gut feeling. It can work and it can't work. It depends on the couple involved. If he is the right person for you then he is the right person whatever the background. I am assuming he is a christian. That is very important if you are one. I think character judgements are more important than class divides. You need more than just the outward appearance.

Whilst the heart is very important using your head is advisable too. The most important thing to my mind is God's peace but the other still has to be worked out as well. That is our part.
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