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Re: Should I say yes?

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the advise all of u gave me. I'm now in a new predicament and need some advise once again.

I had been invited to a family friends party awhile ago where I met someone. I was not able to talk to him for very long because I was helping out my friend with the party (probably talked to him for 15 mins). A few days back he got my contact from my friend and asked me on a date. Now the predicament I have is whether or not to pursue this further because of some issues which are as follows:

1. We both come from different social backgrounds and I'm not sure how that works out out in a relationship in the long run. I mean this in a very humble manner but my schooling has generally being much better than him right from the start and I have traveled more and had more exposure to dealing with different kinds of people. I also felt that in our 15min conversation I was also more mature although maybe that was probably not sufficient time to determine our intellectual maturity.
2. We have very different kind of jobs and mine is more demanding and time consuming and hence I generally earn abit more. My level of education is also abit higher. Maybe I'm just traditional but I always thought that the man should be the main bread-winner of the house.

Having talked about my concerns, there are also some significant pros about him:
1. He is by far one of the most handsome men I have ever met, so attraction to him is not at all a problem in this case.
2. Being only 1.5yrs older than me, he has the advantage of being within my age group.
3. With whatever resources he had available to him, he has managed to do something with his life and may be an indicative of potential for success.
4. My family friend told me he's a nice guy (although I think that's always subjective to what one thinks as 'nice')

Now my biggest concern here is can relationships workout well when u have a difference in social class and upbringing? Will we have problems interacting with each others friends and family? If I do better in my career than him will it cause friction?

I'm asking for advise here because I don't want to end up in a sticky situation again. Your feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!
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