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Re: Prenuptial agreement

I would be interested to know how many marriages that have a prenup last, as compared to marriages where there isnt one. After all, you are going into that marriage preparing for what happens when/if you divorce, instead of going in saying that you will be faithful, committed and that it is for life. Also you are dictating terms, you are being selfish(I will have all the money and you will have a tiny bit),and you are not going into that marriage prepared to share all that you have.
AS you say though forever, money comes and money goes just as easily.

In the UK, prenups can be overtured anyway in court, because the criteria for divorce settlements are very different from some prenups, so in a sense they are worthless anyway.

My solicitor suggested a prenup to me when I remarried. NOOOOOOOOO thanks I said. Thats not what I am about.
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