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Re: Prenuptial agreement

My ex asked me to sign a pre-nup before we married. I flat told him to go fly a kite. He married me anyway...w/o a pre-nup. He was the one with all the wealth. Sadly, we did end in divorce...but now, my new husband and I are the ones helping him to keep financially stable since the economy turned very bad in his profession. We do not want to see him lose his house. We do this willingly without paperwork even though I am re-married...and there was never any written agreement. So he is now being blessed simply because he married me anyway w/o the pre-nup.
None of us have a crystal ball. If he had insisted that I sign it, I assure you that he would now be living by the same stoke of the pen that he would have assigned to me.

Sounds like they are an older couple with alot more to lose as a result of entering into marriage than those first starting off.

I think she should go ahead and sign it if she really wants to be married to him...BUT she should insist on keeping her career as well as her home. They can then re-visit that sad state of affairs if he decides he is unhappy with that arrangement at a later date. They can always renegotiate terms that are more fair and equitable if the relationship is doing far better than he otherwise would have hoped for and his fears are put to rest. Sheeesh!

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