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Re: Prenuptial agreement

I dont agree with prenups in any way shape or form. A prenup is already preparing for divorce. When you marry, all of what either of you own should become both of yours. If he isnt prepared to let that happen, then why is he getting married? If a man told me he wanted a prenup there would be no marriage, full stop.
Also why is he only now saying this? Could he be being pressured by someone? Maybe family?
The marriage ceremony has these words "with all my worldly wealth I thee endow".
If he is already afraid of loosing some of his money before you even marry, what does that say? Also he is being very controling by saying that the marriage will not happen unless you agree. Is there no room for negotiation? Different amounts if the marriage lasts 10 years or more? If not why not?
Its all so cold and clinical isnt it, but it does prove that for rich people, money if their no 1 priority.

If you are still happy to marry him despite this, then get good legal advice. Show this to a solicitor. The terms sound pretty awful to me. I mean 150,000 for you and 17 million for him? According to my calculations that is 1/113th. Also what happened to the value of your home? What will happen if you have children?
I would think long and hard about this marriage.

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