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Re: Prenuptial agreement if he ups and suddenly dies during the course of the marriage, say 20 years from now, who would his estate go to?

What is the value of your home and all the contents now...and what is it likely to be worth if you held onto it for the next 30 or 40 years? What is the annual value of your career now, and with promotions, what would the value be if you kept it rather than quit to service his desires over the next 30 to 40 years?

Added up, I do not think his offer is fair or equitable...financially speaking. Perhaps he will have a change of heart once he feels your marriage is "secure"...but then again, maybe not.

I also do not think you could ever feel really relaxed...sort of like auditioning to keep the marriage long enough at least to net something financially out of it should it fail. What if he turns out to be an immoral man and YOU are the one who wants out? Can you get your career back as well as your home?

He is not talking love here, he is talking business...and he is indicating that he has less confidence in the love he has for you (or vice versa) than he does in his empire.

BTW, his estate, legally will not be divided up 50/50 anyway in the event of a divorce. What is his before marriage only becomes yours in terms of percentage calculated by how many marital years go by.

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