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Prenuptial agreement

I would really welcome some advice.

My fiance (who is a wealthy man (worth 17 million), has said he will not marry me on our planned date this year, unless we have a prenuptial agreement which of course I understand as he wishes to protect his assets.

I was surprised to read that if the marriage lasts more than a year, he will give me an allowance of 25,000 for two years and a lump sum of 150,000 (to buy myself a flat - he obviously doesn't know the value of property on the South Coast). Of course this would be more than generous if the marriage only lasted a couple of years. However, if he decided to walk out after say 5 or 10 years, surely this would not be fair? After all, I have given up my successful career to fit in with his life(at his request), will have sold my home and its contents, etc etc and will have come to enjoy a certain lifestyle and of course, will have contributed to the marriage etc etc.

He has stipulated that there should be no review of this agreement at any time and that the marital home should not be split.

I would be grateful for people's thoughts ....................... must admit I'm feeling somewhat unloved ......................... and have absolutely no idea how to react .....................
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