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Re: brink of seperation

Just back from swimming again as it's Wednesday so will be brief before I sink into this gorgeous tiredness where I sleep like a log.

It's wonderful that you want God's best in your life Jan. If you keep that in front of you you will certainly have it. It is good not bad. The blessing of the Lord makes rich and He adds no sorrow with it. The only hindrance is us but we can get there slowly. Nothing can rob us of His presence. I wouldn't say He hurts or annoys. It is true that we can suffer in some circumstances and He can use that to shape us but basically He Himself is a blessing. He can help us through what we are going through.

Funny about breastfeeding. There was a south American lady who slipped out into the foyer and was happily breastfeeding with no sense of embarrassment. Obviously cultures are different. I think we are designed to have some fellowship and lift each other up. Just a brief glance at the epistles shows that, but it shouldn't be a pressure of course, just a provision.

I'm glad the counselling went well. That is hopeful. The very fact that he goes shows that he wants answers as well.

I think the little you do is good. You are seeking God a little and trying to get rest. Both profitable things. We are vulnerable when we are too tired so it is spiritual to get good rest as well. Work is healthy as well and of course adequate downtime.
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