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Re: brink of seperation

The biggest turn around for me was to validate and affirm what my H was doing. I underestimated how the lack of affirming words was not helping our situation. I have realised that for H, it was important for him to know that I wanted his help and that I understood he was doing his best. Now, he is more likely to help as I am encouraging rather than critical.

It sound that affirmation is your husband's love language too. Could your husband make one of the nights he goes out for you and the family? My H was abroad alot for his work for the first year and also working shifts. When I was able to have a couple of hours 'off', I never tried to sleep because if I did I would only sleep when my two hours was up and ended up being more tired and cranky. Instead, I took myself off to have a bath, walk or read. I was still tired but less stressed.

My marriage was going through a crisis seven months ago, at the beginning I was very impatient and did not think my prayers were being listened or answered, today I can see great improvements in my situation and I continue to prayer that this is the case. it is always very hard when a new baby arrives as emotions, hormones and tiredness are all conflicting with each other.
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