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Re: Relationship Advice

There is the old expression, "Why buy the cow when the milk is free?" It just surprises me that young women think that a live-in arrangement means the wedding comes next! In many cases there is no marriage.

Why get married when you already share bed, bath, and breakfast and likely share the paychecks as well? Do you think there is a chain that links this man to make the whole commitment when things are so comfortable as they exist? There is no scary contractual a marriage to bind. He is still single and if things don't go right...well, he is still single.

Foolish girl, pack your bags and move back home. Tell "Mr. Almost Right" you don't feel comfortable living as two when one is committed and one is not. Really this is a HUGE mistake to think all he needs now to ask you to marry him is the right moment, music, or lovely evening. You do not have the right agenda to live together.

You hoped he would be at the half-way point by sharing a flat. I say you went backwards if marriage is what you want to make your life complete. You should have been honest up front and not try to slide into a marriage later. You see women sometimes fool themselves that they are mature about these arrangements.

Your agenda is different than his. Women ARE from Mars and Men are from Venus. He is likely ducky happy as it stands. He gains nothing he doesn't already have without a marriage license.

Go home, dear girl, and see if being honest about your real desires isn't better than having your heart broken later.

Pack a bag and see if he asks you to plan a wedding. No, not blackmail..just don't waste time on someone who doesn't want the same things as you do.

PS Your question..what does that mean? A> It means he likely never intends to get married. Living together is so comfy.
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