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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Alice a mental adultery is taking place when a man watches porn believe me. A man will tell you what switches him on if you ask him. I have told my wife what switches me on in addition to the normal IC. One really doesn't need to watch his porn. It does destroy. The images will stay in the mind and one will see women as objects. Sex is part of relationship between a man and a woman. Porn opens you up to myriads of other naked women and men that will be in your mind. Sex is only to share with your spouse. A man is capable of sharing his sex drive with fantasy images. It is a robbery of God's plan for marriage which is where it really should be happening. There are plenty of places to discuss sex without watching porn which is simply designed to tittilate at the expense of relationship. People are making millions on this stuff. I am very glad that you already see that.

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