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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Porn is wrong
i was 9 years old when a group of us school kids were walking along an ally a short cut from school when we saw porn magazines that had been thrown out and some kids were looking at it laughing and i looked over someones shoulder and looked too.
It brought out such a gross feeling i didn't want any part of it.

The next time i saw porn i was 23 at my cousins house i couldn't believe how stupid it was not the sex but the acting and as for the sex i did get aroused but i felt cheated (?)

the next time after that was a few years later when i got my computer a friend (male) who helped me put my computer together stopped by a sight.

after that my husband father of my son has been looking at porn it seems since he was 14 or so
i have looked at almost all the porn he has and have asked if i can see with him ,,,he won't have it. i have been very open minded to the idea in order to bring him back to our reality he likes it too much on his own.

i have masturbated i have looked at porn (not at the same time) i have learned its not for me and i am not a prude when it comes to sex i expect when my husband is looking into my eyes and when i look into his that he and i are united in the experience...he can't do this because his porn images are floating in his mind.
He isn't an evil person he is just a careless man who can't see the value of lovemaking.

but i believe in spirits i don't walk around thinking about it like a frighten person...i have brought Jesus into my heart and he will always stay there because i will never close the door on him...i have been saved from all the negative feelings that have been inflicted upon me.

I really appreciate your input Susan
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