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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

My first husband was about 23 when he had testicular cancer and had one testicle removed. He had radiation treatments as well then.
Though he was left sterile , believe me, when I say he never had a problem with thinking about (erection) or performing sexually. We divorced years later over other problems. So There could be a problem in your situation with testosterone. There is a test for that.

My present husband has NO interest in sex for years and years. No, he has never had a T test and evidently dosen't care to go that route. He has all equipment he was born with. Who knows? Then there is the fact that sex actually starts between the ears. One has the desire and even men who are handicapped find ways to have sex with their wives.
I have to add that he is a very good person and whatever is wrong it is not that he is a player or does not care for me. He seems very devoted to me except in the area where it most counts as the love between a man and woman.

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