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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Hi everyone,

It's late but I wanted to say I can relate to your stories. I'm so disgusted with my marriage and our lack of physical intimacy. My husband does have low to no testosterone due to an injury he sustained in his senior year in high school. His parents neglected to get him medical attention (he had his own part in this too as he was too ashamed to go to a doctor) and thus his testacles atrophied over a period of 2 years when a simple medical procedure could have prevented this tragic loss! He has been on Androderm patches for years but they don't seem to deliver enough Vitamin T, as I call it, to his system. We've been maried for almost 16 years and have probably had sex less than 75 times. That might be a generous estimate. I have struggled with masturbation over the years, sometimes more than others, but I never commit mental mind is always on my husband or on nothing in particular. We did not have sex before marriage but he seemed attracted to me. On our honeymoon, I was very wounded on our second or third night when he said we didn't have to have sex every night. I felt like a sex maniac. This was the beginning of many years of pain for me. I have felt more like the typical 'man' while he seems more like the typical frigid woman. I have allowed this to go one for too long and hope to again talk with my hubby about this soon and get some resolution. I have much more to say but need to get to bed. I hope some of the ladies who started posting here have found some positive solutions.
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