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Re: Sexless Marriage falling to pieces.....

What have we started here Jools? It's nice to know that a lot of women like sex, even love it. I suspect that in a good relationship it takes off a little more. It is very important that she likes it as well. Who wants a performance? It's a shared experience surely? My take on this is to leave well alone. I get the feeling she doesn't discuss it with other women at all. I initiate sex yes and have all the ideas yes. She will respond to most things. I long to please her but I have very little to go on, but she will say as I said before that what switches me on switches her on because it switches me on. I am quite choosy and only do what I feel is right for us. So if it's not broke don't fix it is my motto for the bedroom.

Mike I was speaking generally of men (and some women) and trying to point out that sex is very important and the denial of it leads to big problems in the marriage for most people. I never said that the wives purpose is to bring enjoyment to the husband although there is a truth in that in the bedroom in my marriage and vice versa. The basis of it all is good relationship. The sex is just the topping on the cake. My main calling in marriage as I see it is to love my wife with all that entails. With regard to sex I take a scriptural position in that each should not deny the sexual needs of the other i.e the need for sex. Having said that sex is only about 6% of the marriage but it's feelers can affect everything else.

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