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separation and getting back together

I was with my husband for 14 years 11 of them married. After a rough time with his bipolar and moods etc I told him to go 4 months ago.
We were seeing each other on and off during that time and I really missed him and love him.

Now he is saying no and he doesn't know what he feels or thinks. I so want to be with him again, I love him dearly and the time apart has made my love so much more.
I am in bits at the moment, trying to get him back and tell him how much I still love him and want him.

It hurts that he is pushing me away and I am trying so hard to find a little thread from him to help me.

I cry everyday and sit and sulk not taking in what is around me.

I speak nicely to him then we have a time where we hurt each other with words.

His father so hopes we can work this out and still see me as their daughter in law and said if I need to talk they are there. I don't get the same feeling from his mum but then my ex is a bit of a mummies boy and will make her believe his side is gospel.

I have told his dad I so want his son back, I had so many aims and plans that they are no more. But still so wanted.
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