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Re: Husband has left!

I'm getting very upset that he is seeing someone else again! He still denies it and got very upset when he was accused of it a few weeks ago...and to be honest he has asked me to file for it so if that's what he wanted and he were seeing someone else he could say.
He's not "that type" not a ladies man and never has been. He said Tuesday when I said "you just be seeing someone else, why would you not even try?" His reply was "and you have been so nice to me to encourage me back haven't you??" He still denies it... But I can't help but worry.
I'm still 99% certain he isn't but the thoughts crept in! He keeps telling me to "watch out for me who want to take advantage, you deserve someone special etc" how come the thought of that doesn't rip his heart to pieces??? Or is he saying it to check I'm not "seeing anyone" ?
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