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wife left me and kids for another man

my wife had been depresed for many years but would not admit it,i tried to support her and get her help but she would just take it out on me.icaught her cheeting on me 2 weeks ago with a friend she had been chating to on facebook for 5 weeks prior,she is now moving 1200 kilometres away to live with him,she wanted to take kids tried even spitting them up,she has now left me with 3 girls 6/13/14 i have always been closer to them,she is a party girl,she didnt even shed a tear saying goodbye to kids.i just want to know what kind of parent would do this,knowing that there is slight chance kids might move with her in 18 months time.she says they are in love and iknow he has money to treat her like a princess,but she has rushed into it with a lot of bagage.i dont want her back but i hope they dont work out and she can feel the pain i am going threw.
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