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Re: Finally divorced ex husband but still not happy!

Hi Jenny. sorry you are not happy even though you have found a nice person. I don't know why that should be but my guess is that maybe you are still suffering from the abuse you had in your marriage possibly?
Have you forgiven your ex? I say that because I recently counseled somebody who was a christian who had never forgiven her husband. She was able to verbalise it in front of us and did experience a release. This will be difficult to do if you are not a christian but Christ offers us total forgiveness when we repent and turn to Him as He has already paid the price for our sins. Having received that forgiveness we will be in a place to forgive others just as the Father has forgiven us through Christ's payment of our sin. Otherwise we could remain in our own prison of bitterness and unforgiveness if we do not hand those who have sinned against us over to the Father. Forgiveness doesn't necessarily restore relationship but it does free you as a person.

Another plus of asking Jesus into your life is that you will be coming into His everlasting kingdom of which He is Lord.

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