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Question Finally divorced ex husband but still not happy!

Hey all,

I posted on here a couple years when i was thinking about leaving my abusive ex husband... I did leave him after been married to him for 11 years, my decree absolute has just come through..

I have met someone else and have been with him just over a year! We moved into our own house a week ago for some reason i still don't feel happy.. My emotions are all over the place. i do want to be with my current partner but I'm not sure if i gave myself enough space when i left my ex to find myself and just be... me.

When i left my ex, i still continued to see him for about 6 months after once a week. I think this was out of pitty now thinking back.. The day i left him i met someone else and was seeing him for about 6 months until he told me he loved me then i broke it off with him.

When i met my current, i had only been totally away from my ex husband for maybe 6 months.... I did see numerous men after the split but i think this was just to help with my confidence..

Now i have moved in with my current partner properly I'm just not feeling and better.. I do love him and i know that he loves me.. i do want to be with him but i just cannot manage to 'get' happy!!

I keep wondering, is it just me?! Am i not meant to be happy... Or do i not think that i deserve him.. he knows all about my abusive ex husband and what went on throughout or marriage, he is really understanding and gives me space whenever i did it but i'm so confused and emotional all the time.. Can anyone shed any light as to why i feel this way?!

If anyone wants to know about my ex husband the thread is on here as i asked for
help and advice. 'Courage to leave my 11 year marriage'... That's what it was called!

Thanks in advance

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