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Can marriage be annulled (divorce)?

We were married for 28 yrs (and young too). She was my only love and we married in church. The reason I am seeking opinions here was I was criticised by church elder when I told him my desire to divorce my wife of 28 yrs.

We both held high corporate positions and I comatosed for 2 yrs and I spent 6 months in physiotheraphy to learn how to move about and learn how to speak again. I was surprised my loving wife was not too pleased I woke up again. While I was having my physio period (6 mths), I noticed she been coming home around midnight (Mon-Fri). When I asked she said "Motivating teams." Sometimes I kissed her for working so hard ... always had alcohol in her lips.

She never goes drinking with anyone before my coma session. Now, she's back to coming home at 7 pm. But I noticed she's edgy (wanting to get back to 'action'). Just sent me off to NYC to visit friends. Also noticed she booked flight to Switzerland end of this month.

I just engaged a PI to check her whereabouts while I am in NYC.
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