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Re: some things I've found invaluable

"I like the rest of you have googled myself to death looking for answers."

Yes,I was like that! I didn't find the answers, nor did it make me feel any better.
I stopped it and said enough!! I no longer bother googling and I haven't bothered with any of the suggested books.

I just said to myself, get on with life girl, what's happened has happened, don't spend your life trying to figure out why, make decisions don't wait for H to - don't think, just do - move on.

I have learnt to let go. No, it didn't happen overnight but overtime.I am moving on and life is good. The situation between me and my husband is worse, but I can handle it and I just take it as it comes.

I feel great about myself! I've come a long way. (If any of you have read some of my earlier post they were full of dispair!)

befree...a great post!

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