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Re: Pray for Me Please

Unloved I am so sorry.
My marriage ended very suddenly after 23 years as well, and its awful. Its as if the whole future that you thought you had is gone.

I am here to tell you that eventually the pain will lessen, and that there is life after divorce. I was a single mum for 6 years and then met another man.
I have now been very happily married to him for nearly 8 years. I am happier now than I ever was, and I will pray for you that eventually you will see a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you have some support from friends and family, especially as you are a carer for your dad.
I didn't have much emotional or practical support and that made it harder.
Do you have children?

I pray that God will lead you forward, and that you will be aware of Him comforting you, providing for you and looking after you.
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