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Re: Confused between two men, help!

Originally Posted by susan123 View Post
There is another problem with Eric and it's that he doesn't seem very interested in having children. He has plans of having one probably 3 yrs after getting married. That doesn't work for me because I want children sooner and not just 1. Children are gift from God and eventually He will determine when and how many I'll have but I don't like the idea of waiting 3 yrs after marriage. Eric also seemed abit too self absorbed and over career focused which is the opposite of John. Sometimes I wonder is the problem me? Am I being too fussy and critical about the men I choose? Am I setting impossible targets?
NO you are simply realising that neither are the right man for you. NEVER compromise on a husband. If you marry a cheat you will always regret it. If you marry a man who isnt very interested in children and you want several then you will regret it. I think that all of us except you can tell that neither man is right for you. Let them go and move on. Pray that God will bring the right man for you.
I think you are hanging on to them incase you never meet anyone else, you have already wasted far too much time on them.
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