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Re: Please pray for me

Originally Posted by ralfgarnett View Post
Thank you Raymond, i have always had a faith and a belief, however, over the past 2 years or so i have questioned that faith, as very selfishly I have felt abandoned and ignored by god, however I can feel my faith becoming stronger again, and when I have these feelings of abandonment I always think of something that Chosen has said that was very wise, and that is that god allows us free will, and while he doesn't want us to be unhappy or for marriages to end, he has no will or power to prevent anyone from doing what they choose to do, he could neither stop my wife from leaving nor bring her back in to my life and our marriage, and when I think of this it helps me to come back down to Earth and realise that it's not my fault and I did nothing wrong, and neither could I of prevented what happened, it's a very good realisation grounding tool.
That's very true Ralph. We sometimes think that God can make someone do something because we pray it. That is really manipulation and doesn't work. I believe we can pray for others for good for them but they still have freewill to receive or reject it. We can pray for ourselves also for God to help us and He will even though it is not always instant.
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