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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

When being around another is all downer, best to do your own thing and not get into discussions that bring you down more. Take each day and do what pleases you and stay busy.

In your place I would get some facts he may not be honest about. You can write for a free credit report from one of the four credit agencies as Experian in his name. Get the address on internet. You write in his name, his social security number and date of birth and ask for your free yearly 2011 credit report. You will find out if there is a lien, unpaid taxes or child support issues and what he owes and what he pays. I take it you get the mail? The report would come in about a week.

Yes, Of course, I have done that to keep track of my husbands report because I manage the finances.
One should get a report yearly. In your case, you are owed full disclosure and visibility and he isn't giving that to you, so get it. I am sure a few would disagree with that, but you are owed truth.

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