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Re: Those aren't fighting words, dear - READ THIS

Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
Obviously the approach fitted her scenario perfectly in the fact that it was his problem that he said he didn't love her anymore etc. Sometimes people can perceive relationships through their problems which are personal to them and not particularly the others problem. Her faith and patience worked out for her.

Where you get adultery or unfaithfulness though that approach will not help as that will cut right into the intimacy of the marriage. One cannot help being affected if that happens. Crossing that line changes the whole scenario.

I totally agree Raymond. Once that happens the knife is buried deep into the heart. It is ver difficultto cope with that. I don't think that there is a mature way of handling that. Everyone reacts differently but at one stage there will be anger and resentment ehich is part of the 5 stages of grieving.

Sadly this happens very often and the more often it happens to you the more you lose trust in a relationship. This is a shame as it means that we end up placing people into the same basket. I truly believe that other people can change a person for the better or worse. Sadly it is mostly for the worse. Eventually the offender leaves and the victim is left to fight fo stay alive. The offender never gets punished and they always think that they have done nothing wrong.

I am glad it worked for her but that is a chance in a million.
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