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Re: Those aren't fighting words, dear - READ THIS

I wish I could've persuaded my H to stay, but he packed his bag and left when me and my son were out on a day trip.
I've tried the begging bit - didn't work obviously! I then tried the love deposits, that's when you have a love bank and put into it love deposits by doing nice things for him. I made him meals, I bought him gifts. I let him have a bath at our house (he's only got a shower in his flat!), we watched TV together and I lent him some money when he was skint. I thought I was starting to get somewhere, then a week later he told me he wanted a Divorce! After only 2 months!
At the moment I'm on a different tactic and it seems to be working! I've recently read a book called divorce busting and it talks about a list called 180 degrees. Basically, you do the complete opposite that you have been doing. Don't contact him unless it's to do with the kids, Don't give him gifts, treat him as if you were already divorced. The full list is here -
Now he's the one that's contacting me, giving me gifts, delaying the D (only for a month though!) and when he's on the phone he tries to prolong the conversation. Today I'm supposed to ring him about how my son did in his exam, but he can contact me if he really wants to know.
I believe that marriage is sacred and should be worked at at all costs. God is at work in my marriage and I'm hoping that his plan is for us to be together again.
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