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Re: Those aren't fighting words, dear - READ THIS

It is a good article but that woman is not me. My husband left me when I was out it was not a complete shock he was leaving me day before but we had a wedding to attend so I sat and sobbed on the bed uncontrollable (he started to pack a suitcase at side of me) I was not begging him to leave and managed to go through a wedding celebration. Next day I went out to a meeting and came home to find a letter on the mantle piece. He planned leaving a month before, he did not know how to have the difficult conversation. The pain and hurt from his deceit lasted two months, he left August 5th. I now think it was the only way to do it as I would have been hysterical and begging.
He agreed to counselling and we are having it now but one to one for now. We see each other weekly, we cannot talk about emotional things we have to make our time together pleasant. I think it might be mid life crisis he is unsure how he feels about me but I am unsure too though I miss him terribly but not sure if that is because we were together 17 years or because I am needy and also very dependant on him. Time will tell and we need time.

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