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Re: Marriage of Obligation vs Happiness

David, Im in a similar situation in a way. Although I 'only' kissed another man (I say only because it wasn't a full blown affair). I couldn't stand the guilt and shame. It was making me stay awake a night. Everytime there was an affair on the tv I would cringe until I just told my husband. I can't tell you whether to confess or not, sometimes it only makes its worse, that's a descision you need to make. But either way, it must stop!

As already been said, you need to stop contact with this other woman. I stopped contact with my other man and asked him never to contact me again. It's hard but your wife deserves that much.

i do feel it for you. Sometimes those of us who screw up get abuse from other people pointing the finger but there are two sides to every story. We all mess up, just in different ways. Ask God for forgiveness. The most difficult part is forgiving yourself too.

I'm still figuring out my situation (see other thread) so I don't have the answers but I can see how this is ruining your marriage and I think you will regret it if you don't stop now.
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