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INteresting question for married people.

I am helping a friend of mine to deal with a big marriage issue. They are both Christians, as I am.
Before marriage, one of them kept something very important secret, and after marriage this came out and has caused many problems with many negative consequences. Had the wife known then what she knows now, and her husband had been honest with her, she would never have married him, and I know that for a fact because I know her well.
It would have been a big no no for any future husband for her. So what now?
They are separating for a time, to see if anything can be done through counselling etc but the one who was lied to and deceived has almost given up hope and feels betrayed and that she can no longer trust him. He has also lied at times since the discovery.

I would be interested to hear other Christians views on this(or even non Christians) as to whether someone in this position who married in ignorance of a big issue is entitled to end the marriage and what can be done.
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